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Smart Charging Innovation for Your Smartphones & Tablets

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Zentree Marble is made to orchestrate docking and charging easily. It provides a carefully designed docking surface, 3D Tree Array, which holds multiple mobile devices of different size and type.

The Smart QC 3.0 Multi-Device Charging System, a core part of Zentree Marble, auto-negotiates the output voltage from 3.6V to 12V in granular 0.2V steps while precisely adjusting the charging current as requested from your device. This technique guarantees the most efficient quick charging and extends battery lifespan.

Zentree Marble also provides one USB-PD port to support the latest high-wattage USB devices with up to 18W charging power. The combined 60W total power output facilitates charging for up to 4 power-hungry mobile devices – such as iPad Pro or a 20000mAh powerbank – all 4 at once.

Explore the Art of Multi-Device Charging

Technology In Focus

Unlimited Flexibility

Zentree is full of freedom for your creativity! It provides a sophisticated docking surface – 3D Tree Array – which supports multiple mobile devices of various kinds and sizes. Position of your gadgets can be customized in any way you like. We’ve specifically tested Apple™ smartphone and tablet devices, numerous Android™ mobile phones and tablets, Bluetooth™ headsets, powerbanks, and even bike lights

Safe and Secure

The top cover is made of a soft silicone rubber which protects your devices from bumps and scratches. It also secures your mobiles to prevent slip-off. You can easily remove and clean up the skin. Keep your Zentree fresh and tidy!

At Your Service Just In Seconds

Multiple device charging has never been so easy! You can connect and arrange cables inside the case just in seconds… Here we are! Your devices are now up for reclaiming their full power back again!

Smart Charging

Zentree provides 60W total power output and can charge up to 4 power-hungry devices simultaneously, such as Apple™ iPad Pro or 20000mAh powerbank. The Smart QC 3.0 Multi-Device Charging System, a core part of Zentree Charger Unit, automatically detects proper modes for your devices and manages efficient charging cycles to ensure safe charging and extended battery lifespan.

Beautiful Color Add-Ons

Try Silicone Skin, a swappable top cover which adds more color options to your Zentree. The Silicone Skin is crafted of non-toxic soft silicone rubber, it protects your mobile devices from bumps and scratches, and it also prevents slip-off. Currently, Silicone Skins come in 3 beautiful colors: White, Light Gray, Light Pink.

Tech summary

3D Tree Array

Zentree is specifically designed to accommodate multiple mobile devices of varying sizes with ease and convenience. Charge your gadgets in any way you like.

Silicone Skin

The top surface features a soft rubber cover – Silicone Skin – it protects devices from bumps and slip-off while charging.

Seamless Cabling

Zentree is stunnigly easy to operate. You can dock and start charging your devices just in seconds.

Up to 3A per Port

High output current ensures compatibility with the latest power hungry mobiles. Your gadgets have enough juice with Zentree.

60W Power Output

Zentree can charge up to 4 iPad Pro simultaneously. Real power for your fully fledged devices!

Smart IC

Zentree integrates a smart IC chip which automatically negotiates the best charging mode for any USB charged device. It ensures efficient charging cycle and helps extend battery lifespan.

Eco Friendly

Zentree is made of carefully selected eco-friendly materials. It brings green technologies into your home.