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Smart Charging Innovation For Your Phones & Tablets

About our Company

GELID Solutions Ltd., the creator of Zentree, also designs and manufactures CPU and VGA coolers, chassis fans, thermal interface materials, RGB accessories and other hardware for retail customers and international OEM and ODM clients.

GELID Solutions Ltd. is based in Hong Kong, Asia’s world city, and has multiple manufacturing facilities in Mainland China and Taiwan.

Our Story

Gebhard Scherrer, co-founder and Managing Director of GELID Solutions:

“The history of GELID Solutions begins in 2008. At that time, we have had significant experience in the cooling industry, more than 7 years of working together with VC Tran, my friend and co-founder of the company.

We got a common understanding that we can offer our own products, our unique design for customers. Just six months later the first of a series of high-class case fans has been released, in a year – a series of CPU coolers, and a year later we entered the market with two of our bestsellers, the GC-Extreme thermal compound and the Icy Vision VGA cooler.

Now we have over 30 different products targeted at gamers and PC enthusiasts, we are also starting a completely new series of products, which will include gadgets for mobile electronics.”

Our Mojo

VC Tran, co-founder and Managing Partner of GELID Solutions:

“We have Swiss roots, so by following that legacy, I am always inspired by the three principles underlying the production of the Swiss watches – quality, reliability, efficiency. The company’s products are based on the same principles. And our customers have the opportunity to see it every day.

We want you to be familiarized with GELID Solutions through truly close relationships; and we want all our customers to improve their lives using our products. Therefore, we are aiming to offer the kind of product that our customers will fall in love with. That’s the go-to-market strategy of GELID Solutions”.

Our Team

VC Tran

Managing Partner, Co-founder


With his experience in Marketing and Consumer Behaviour, he provides a valuable insight to how the mind ticks and adds that extra touch to the product to make it stand out from the rest. Being Swiss, he leaves nothing unquestioned, until it’s perfect.

Gebhard Scherrer

Managing Director, Co-founder


With an in depth knowledge of sales strategies, Gebi, over the years has taken many products from drawings to global launch. Did we also mention he’s Swiss?

Enjoy our Products!